TIL that JF Kennedy was a very sick man, suffering from an autoimmune disease and a myriad other illnesses for which he took copious amounts of drugs and that would have likely caused his early demise had he not been assassinated

Read more: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/john-f-kennedy-kept-these-medical-struggles-private

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  1. He had Addisons Disease (adrenal insufficiency). His father, Joe, sent him to the best Endocrinologist in the world who was in London, before he even ran for president. The Endocrinologist old him that he expected JFK to be dead within three years. There are now “declassified” photographs of a very ill JFK being taken off of airforce one and taken away in an ambulance to the hospital with Jacki by his side in apparent adrenal crisis. He was a very sick man and they kept it a secret from the public.

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