TIL that Land of the Lost TV series had a number of respected sci-fi writers contribute scripts to the series, including Larry Niven, Theodore Sturgeon, Ben Bova, Norman Spinrad, and a number of people involved with Star Trek, such as D.C. Fontana, Walter Koenig, and David Gerrold.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_of_the_Lost_(1974_TV_series)

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  1. I remember seeing this show as a kid and being surprised at some of the SF concepts they were sneaking into the show. The episode where an “advanced” time traveling Sleestak realizes that the sluggish, brutish Sleestak were not his long lost ancestors but the descendants of his people was a neat twist thrown into a kids show.

    I saw an advanced article for the 2009 film and was absolutely happy when I saw the movie quality Sleestak costume. I hoped that all the trippy Sci-Fi concepts would be given a chance to be explored. Then I scrolled down and saw Will Ferrell’s face and groaned.

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