TIL that Marlon Brando improvised the orange peel scene in the Godfather Part 1. Coppola revealed: ““[Brando] said, ‘Here’s how I play with kids,’ and took an orange peel, cut it into pieces that looked like fangs and slipped them into his mouth.”

Read more: https://people.com/movies/godfather-45th-anniversary-tribeca-film-festival/

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  1. Brando was known for this type of stuff. A lot of the older actors with a lot of clout would get into character and role with things of the script didn’t seem right.

  2. That scene always reminded me of my own grandfather. Obviously he wasn’t in the mob, but he was a tough guy and might do things that would be a little intimidating to a child, but as soon as I showed any averse reaction he’d stop and become comforting.

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