TIL that most dogs might not like the feeling of those leg kicking belly scratches. It is a safety reflex, much like how our brain protects us from pain. Or like the reflex when the doctor checks your knees. When we constantly activate those nerves on dogs, it might actually be irritation for them.

Read more: https://www.popsci.com/article/science/why-does-my-dog-kick-when-i-scratch-his-belly/

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  1. My now deceased dog loved that stuff, I’d stop and he’d growl at me until I did it again, little shit liked being tickled or whatever that is.

    To be clear, he didn’t die from being tickled, he died of old age..

  2. I went to this dog park and there was a Bassett Hound that was pretty old, it wouldn’t run and play with the other dogs. What it did do was walk up to the owners lie on it’s back and wait for belly rubs.

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