TIL that most male dairy cows are killed due to being ‘surplus to requirements’ for the dairy industry. It’s a global phenomenon – and here in New Zealand alone around 2 million calves a year are killed.

Read more: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL2008/S00049/18-million-reasons-you-should-give-up-dairy.htm

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  1. I’m supposed to feel bad about baby cattle. Except I enjoy veal. I always have.

    Humans are omnivorous in terms of what we can consume, but our bodies are adapted for persistence hunting: running down faster prey thanks to greater endurance until the thing runs out of energy and you get an easy kill. We are, by definition, the apex predators on this little marble. Trying to push humanity to go vegan is unnatural to begin with, doing it by trying to humanize a prey species is just weaksauce.

    Wolves also hunt this way, which is probably part of why we do result domesticated them. Aside from learning to view the human family as the pack, there’s not a ton of baseline behavior to mess with to get an effective hunting dog.

  2. I really do think we should use the most stress free and pain free methods when we kill and raise animals for meat. The industrial slaughter houses are often very gruesome and awful. The animals we cultivate should be treated with more respect, happy cows with good lives leads to better meat and a cleaner conscious. I hope at least that these calves are later eaten.

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