TIL that most of the nazi leadership scored exceptionally high on iq test conducted during the nuremberg trials. With Hermann Göring scoring 138 and Hjalmar Schacht 143.

Read more: https://historyofyesterday.com/the-results-of-the-nazi-iq-tests-c3a5e442f37c?gi=6d2c3d205944

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  1. Well yeah. Regardless of what the aim of the organization is, high IQ would be advantageous for being in an top advisory role. I think this will hold true for most countries, companies, organized crime and even terrorist organizations

  2. Yeah, I mean they were bad people, but they got millions of people to believe in them, can’t do that if you stoop.

    Everyone here saying they were dumb should go get an IQ test themselves. Not liking someone else’s opinions doesn’t make them clinically dumb.

  3. Who designed the IQ test? What is IQ? The regurgitation of “facts” and ideas do not determine value. IQ tests were very big with eugenics and their creators weaponize them to this day. Edit: I definitely did not expect my comment to bring out the Nazis. 😂

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