TIL that Nintendo coats their switch cartridges in a bitter substance so that babies/animals don’t eat them.

Read more: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/3/1/14784140/nintendo-switch-cartridges-taste-awful-psa

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  1. I touched my tongue to one when i first got my switch and holy shit, it do be tasting bad. As soon as i heard about the coating something snapped in my brain and i had to know. I thought about it a lot. I guess it unlocked my inner child who loved to eat and taste gross things just because i was a dumb ass kid who could. I could stomach ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, milk smoothie but the switch cartridge one tapped me.

  2. Every time I’m reminded of this, I have to restrain myself from opening my switch to lick my Animal Crossing cartridge.

    I’ve already done it several times, man. I know it’s fucking gross. *But I just can’t help it.*

  3. Yep, that’s Denatonium, incredibly persistent, incredibly bitter even at absolute tiny ppm, like .06. We use it to test the mask seals on respirators whenever we fit test, but I understand it’s also used to keep people from biting their nails, and as an additive to things like methanol and canned “air”.

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