TIL that — on his deathbed — George Washington instructed his private secretary to wait to bury him for three days, out of fear he would be buried alive

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Washington#Final_days_and_death

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  1. The Irish wake.

    “Other claims made [most probably folklore] are that the Irish tradition of the wake came about because of lead poisoning in pewter tanks — very prevalent in Ireland in bygone eras – holding beer and other beverages. Due to the high level of lead in the pewter mug, many of the drinkers who used them would enter a ‘cationic state’ resembling death. The sufferer could regain consciousness after some hours or even days — hence the three-day ‘Wake.’ “ https://celticlifeintl.com/the-irish-wake/

  2. From what I’ve read, this was a fairly common concern. A lot of graves from that era had little bells attached so that it you woke up inside a casket you could alert someone for help.

  3. The biggest problem Zombie George Washington would have is lack of teeth with which to bite his victims. That ginger giant would get all gummy on your arm and have those sad zombie eyes knowing he can’t break the skin.

  4. It was fairly common. That’s why some people were buried with a string around their finger tied to a bell above ground. It would be someone’s job to listen for the bells.

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