TIL that one of Oklahoma’s most notable landmarks came into being, literally by accident. A cement truck rolled over on its side on Winganon Road years ago, and because the mixer was full of concrete and too heavy to move, it has since been turned into a faux NASA space capsule by artists.

Read more: https://www.newson6.com/story/5e3656392f69d76f6206bc99/lost-cement-mixer-of-winganon-gets-spaceage-update

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  1. The important story in this link is that the governor signed legislation limiting discussion of race in America in education. The Tusa Race Massacre of 1921, where white people killed the residents of a prosperous black area and burned it to the ground may disappear from Oklahoma’s education, of what happened in their own state, and what were the factors in white rage against successful black communities.
    And with the Native American population there, I wonder if Oklahoma is
    “Whitewashing” its, and American History.

    GOP, ” Nope, never happened”

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