TIL that Piers Brosnan’s last portrayal of James Bond wasn’t Die Another Day. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing was a video game released in 2004, features Brosnan’s likeness and voice, and is generally seen as a continuation of Die Another Day.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Bond_007:_Everything_or_Nothing

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  1. Was this the strange 3rd person bond? I never actually ended up finishing that one its controls were kinda wonky. It took a little while before games like gears really hammered out cover and such for 3rd person shooters.

    Well and it was trying to follow up nightfire which was a pretty fantastic game.

  2. I seem to remember quite enjoying this game when I rented it, until I got stuck on some level with different gameplay mechanics than what it had been up until then. Some kind of driving level or vehicle combat segment, or something, I think it was. Maybe controlling a tank? I don’t remember.
    I just remember I was having fun with it, until suddenly the level where I didn’t. 😆

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