TIL that playing Tetris for 20 minutes soon after a traumatic event can help alleviate PTSD.

Read more: https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/news/tetris-used-to-prevent-post-traumatic-stress-symptoms

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  1. >Researchers have been able to demonstrate how the survivors of motor vehicle accidents have fewer such symptoms if they play Tetris in hospital within six hours of admission after also having been asked to recall their memory of the accident.

    So keeping your mind occupied after a traumatic event will help in keeping your mind off of the traumatic event.

    Is that not terribly obvious or am I missing something?

  2. >
    ‘Our hypothesis was that after a trauma, patients would have fewer intrusive memories if they got to play Tetris as part of a short behavioural intervention while waiting in the hospital Emergency Department,’ says Professor Holmes. ‘Since the game is visually demanding, we wanted to see if it could prevent the intrusive aspects of the traumatic memories from becoming established i.e. by disrupting a process known as memory consolidation.’

    So the effect is probably not unique to Tetris, and maybe there are other games that are even more effective

  3. Is this in a similar vein to how EMDR deals with PTSD – by following a particular stimulation while talking about your trauma can help your brain deal with the trauma? Either way this is interesting – thanks for sharing!

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