TIL that Saudi Arabia is planning to construct a 1600 ft tall, 75 mile long skyscraper in their arid Northwest region at an estimated cost of $100-$200 billion

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Line,_Saudi_Arabia

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  1. Those numbers are off. It is impossible for those numbers to be correct. I’m willing to accept a building 1600 ft tall 75 ft wide costing $100 to 200 billion. There is no way in hell even a 10 ft wall for 75 MI costing less than $200 billion.

  2. The [2021 YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47eZb_Q9ZTc&ab_channel=CitiesoftheFuture) shows just a straight line. [Jan 2021](https://www.arabnews.pk/node/1791156/saudi-arabia) article shows a straight lone with underground service. [Undated](https://www.worldconstructiontoday.com/news/saudi-arabia-to-build-largest-buildings-in-the-world-at-neom/) article says there be a 500m tower at each end of The Line. Nothing else says the entire project will be 500m and the wsj link is behind a paywall.

  3. The article you linked mentions nothing about how tall it’ll be; considering most of it will be underground, I kinda doubt that there’ll be buildings that tall in the linear city once construction is complete. Oh yeah, it also says that it’ll be a linear city with most of the infrastructure under the area intended for habitation, not a single building. It does, however, say that The Line will be 110 miles long. I get that reading is hard, but come on. It’s not even that much longer than a paper you’d be expected to write in high school.

  4. Translation;: The oppressive, collectivist tyrants of Saudi Arabia are planning to confiscate enough wealth produced by actual *productive* individuals in their Society to build some gigantic monument to their imagined success as a culture, and to themselves as “leaders” of that culture.

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