TIL that Scotchgard was discovered by accident. Patsy Sherman, a chemist at 3M, dropped a chemical substance on one of her shoes while she was trying to develop a rubber material that could stand up to jet fuel. Later, when her shoes got dirty, she noticed that one spot stayed clean

Read more: http://www.women-inventors.com/Patsy-Sherman.asp

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  1. And scientist have found Scotchgard in polar bear blood. That shit doesn’t go away. It doesn’t biodegrade.

    “Polar Bears Facing Double Whammy”

    Some contaminants appear to be from newer sources. Ross says that traces of fire retardant chemicals known as PBDEs have been found in the bears. These compounds are still applied to furniture and construction material in the United States.

    **Another group of compounds identified was, until recently, one of the key elements of Scotchguard. The parent company, 3M, removed the chemicals from their product in May of 2000, due to concerns about its effect on the environment.**


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