TIL that spaghetto is the singular version of spaghetti. Gnoccho is for gnocchi, fettuccino is for fettuccini, and raviolo is for ravioli. Also the e at the end of calzone isn’t silent.

Read more: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/spaghetto-singular-for-spaghetti

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  1. I have to correct you: the singular version of gnocchi is gnocco, without the h. And fettuccino/i are both wrong in Italian, we say fettuccina for singular and fettuccine for plural.

  2. Linguino, Rotino, fusillo

    maybe tortellono ?

    Edit : Following the ‘rule’ from the article.

    > A quick crash course in Italian language: An i on the end of a word indicates that it’s plural, while an o or an a indicates that it’s singular. So, gnocco, is the singular for gnocchi, fettucino is the singular for fettucini, and raviolo is the singular for ravioli.

  3. I don’t care how it’s pronounced as long as I can have a calzone with the sauce inside the way it’s meant to be. None of this “dipping” BS. And stay off my lawn!

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