TIL that stop signs are octagonal so that drivers facing the back of it can see that oncoming traffic has to stop.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_sign#History

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  1. Put more simply, an octagon was chosen so that you can identify a stop sign even if you couldn’t see the word “stop.” I don’t think this is all that significant or novel.

  2. Also, in the UK, are the only sign that shape, so if covered by snow drivers ‘should’ know its a stop sign, the same applies to give way as its an inverted triangle

  3. My driving instructor told me he once had a student fail the exam because they didn’t stop for a stop sign that was obscured by an illegally parked truck… Because he could have seen the backwards one across the street

  4. this does not make much sense because the outline is not protected by law and everybody can use this outline. if you rely on other traffic to stop, only because you see the backside of an octagonal sign, it can lead to dangerous situations where the fault is yours.

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