TIL that swallowing gasoline isn’t very harmful, as long as no gasoline gets to the lungs. That’s why trying to puke out the gasoline can be more dangerous than just waiting for it to ‘digest’. Also, gasoline burps are reportedly disgusting and last for ~24h.

Read more: https://healthcare.utah.edu/the-scope/shows.php?shows=0_g9tzppx4

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  1. I have ingested gasoline in the past trying to siphon it from one car to another with a tube. I can confirm that the burps are disgusting and that it is so volatile that it kinda fills your lungs like when you try to sniff the carbonation of a freshly opened can of soda

  2. Can confirm that last part. One morning, car wouldn’t start and motorcycle was out of gas. Siphoned gas from car to bike, and swallowed what seemed like a cup full. Wore a scarf on the way to work on the bike, was stoned from gas fumes by the time I got there. Burped gas all day. Coworkers not pleased.

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