TIL that teen pregnancy rates for Lesbian and Bisexual students are surprisingly higher than those of straight students

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pregnancy-teen-lgbt-idUSKBN0NZ2AT20150514

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  1. If you read it, they didn’t include ALL the LGB kids, just the ones that reported having intercourse with the opposite sex.

    Wouldn’t that make them all bi? Hmm, idk. Anyway it’s interesting, I wonder what accounts for that.

  2. Maybe they’re just the types to jump at the chance to have sex whenever they can. Men can’t get pregnant otherwise they’d likely win that race.

  3. > About 85 percent of female students identified as heterosexual and **about 90 percent only had male sexual partners*. Of the male students, 96 percent identified as heterosexual and **97 percent only had female sexual partners**.

    > About 14 percent of females became pregnant, and about 11 percent of males got someone pregnant.

    > Overall, about 13 percent of heterosexual females and about 14 percent of females who only had male sexual partners had been pregnant, compared to about **23 percent of lesbian or bisexual females and about 20 percent of girls who had male and female sexual partners**.

    > About 10 percent of heterosexual males and those who only had female sexual partners experienced a pregnancy, compared to about 29 percent of gay or bisexual males and about 38 percent of males with female and male sexual partners.

    I don’t find that particularly surprising. It’s higher rates because there are fewer LGBTQ students than cishet students.

  4. I was sexually abused by a lesbian. I guess they want to rule out that they’re not hetero; some are willing to do so by any means necessary.

  5. Statistics show that heterosexual activity rates have been declining for decades while homosexual activity rates have remained stable. Whether that means the rates of straight sex by lesbians and bis have also remained stable, I don’t know. But it could provide part of the explanation of why lesbians and bis have more unplanned pregnancies.

    Another factor is experience using birth control. If lesbians and bis have more same-sex than straight sex, they might have less experience using birth control and make mistakes.

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