TIL that the artist who created Mike Tyson’s face tattoo sued Warner Bros because the same design was used on Ed Helms’ face in ‘Hangover II’. The artist had previously copyrighted the image and Warner Bros ended up setting the law suit.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hangover-idUSTRE75K0DF20110621

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  1. Yep and it’s set a precedent for tattooed actors and extras in Hollywood so we have to cover up/ sign a release if we own the image because we are the artists (reference- I am a tattoo artist and actor in LA). It’s prevented me from work on set even though I own most of my designs as I’ve done them myself. It’s a lot more work for MUAs to cover the tattoos with makeup, then apply temporary tattoos over the makeup if the show calls for tattoos. I understand both sides in this situation.

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