TIL that the A&W restaurant chain tried to introduce a 1/3rd LB burger to compete against McDonald’s famous Quarter Pounder. The product failed despite being larger and cheaper than its competitor. Focus groups later revealed that Americans thought that a 1/3 LB burger was smaller than a 1/4 LB one.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarter_Pounder

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  1. I believe it. Hardy’s still has a 1/3 burger and the last time i went there a woman asked for the “larger 1/4 burger” instead of the 1/3 pound one.

  2. Americans are so stupid it’s not even funny. That nation has a perpetual fear of science and it drives me nuts how can so many people be kept under an induced poverty system and mental backwardsness.

    You think Afganistan is backwards? Go to US

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