TIL that the BBC rehearses Queen Elizabeth’s death at least once a year

Read more: https://www.pri.org/stories/2015-04-23/british-media-rehearses-queens-death-least-once-year?amp

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  1. They said Phillip was “in good spirits”

    The saddest thing I’ve learnt about “turnover” is that each year Charles has coins made with that year only for them to be melted and redone the following year. (I am not sure what his reigning name will be but the rumour is george)

    The Queen will go but when is the question I’d prefer if she lived to be like her mother but I truly can’t see that.

    I hate to say this but remember in 1936 George VI was in charged of his brother David’s coronation in which ended up becoming his own. Could the the platinum jubilee become a coronation???

    I hope the Queen lives to see her platinum atleast but Understandably she has lost her rock. Charles is practically 73 if he’s not ready now he will never be.

    Hope she’s actually okay.

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