TIL that the big four artificial sweeteners – Saccharine, Cyclamate, Aspartame and Sucralose – were all discovered after scientists accidentally tasted the chemicals.

Read more: https://saveur.com/artificial-sweeteners/.

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  1. Saccharine was discovered in 1879 by Constantin Fahlberg, who wss researching coal tar derivatives and forgot to wash his hands before going for lunch.

    Cyclamate (Sweet ‘n’ Low) was discovered in 1937 when graduate student Michael Sveda was looking for anti fever drugs, and noticed a cigarette he’d put down on his lab bench tasted sweet.

    Aspartame (Nutrasweet) was found in 1965 by James Schlatter, who was researching ulcer drugs. He licked his finger to pick up a piece of paper and found it tasted sweet.

    Sucralose (Splenda) was created in 1976 when researcher Shashikant Phadnis was asked to *test* a substance and misheard it as *taste.*

  2. Cyclamates are still banned in the US even though further studies have not shown deleterious effects & even the FDA says, “all available evidence does not implicate cyclamate as a carcinogen in mice or rats”. – Source, Wikipedia article on Cyclamates.


    Note: I’m not pro-Cyclymate, just showing another place where artificial sweeteners are controversial.

  3. Yeah and they’re all terrible for you. Including but not limited to killing your digestive bacteria, causing your body to store fat from sweet things that don’t have calories, migraines, and stomach aches. On top of the fact they taste like trash. Real sugar is the best sugar stevia and I’m some situations.

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