TIL that the billionaire Jon Jiang produced Empires of the Deep, a $130-million fantasy film with his girlfriend as a main character. The movie had a chaotic production involving 5 successive directors and 10 writers, was completed in 2010 but failed to find distribution, and remains unreleased.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empires_of_the_Deep

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  1. >The harsh and potentially unsafe working conditions on location led to actress Irena Violette quitting the movie partway through production; in retaliation the producers withheld her passport and demanded she repay her salary in exchange for its return, which led to Violette and her boyfriend secretly escaping from the set in Fujian to the US Consulate General in Shanghai with the help of Lawrence, a few sympathetic crew members, and the local police.

    A movie about the making of the movie would be a better movie.

  2. This guy spent $130 million dollars to get laid and he probably didn’t.

    Not since the Trojan War has so much been spent for such little ass.

  3. Epic shitshow that puts Apocalypse Now and even Heaven’s Gate to shame. At least those two were released. Sounds slightly better than “Roar” since the actors weren’t actually mauled by untrained lions.

  4. The article says he only financed a part of it, those close to the budget said it was actually much less, and he wrote it off as a loss anyway, probably offsetting his other ginormous taxes

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