TIL that the CDC is based in Atlanta because it was started to fight malaria in the South. It did this by spraying homes (inside and outside) with DDT and draining wetlands. Starting in 1946, malaria was eradicated in the US by 1951.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Malaria_Eradication_Program

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  1. Imagine if we were trying to get rid of malaria today.

    “It’s just a fever! Fevers don’t kill you!”

    “Mosquitoes were put here by God! We shouldn’t be killing them!”

    “I don’t know anyone who was killed by malaria!”

    “If you’re healthy you have nothing to worry about! Stop living in fear!”

    “This is a government conspiracy to spray mind-control chemicals everywhere!”

    “I heard that using essential oils will keep mosquitoes from biting you! Use natural remedies!”

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