TIL that the Crater of Diamonds, located in Arkansas, USA, is the only public diamond mine in the world where you can dig up your own diamonds and keep it as a souvenir. It is believed to be the eighth largest diamond reserve in the world, in surface area.

Read more: https://www.arkansas.com/articles/diamond-mining-arkansas

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  1. its soooo hot there.
    They are crazy restrictive in your activity. You cant use any mechanical equipment in field….not even simple trommels.
    The rangers jump your shit if they dont like the slope of your dig…even when you show them even a child can walk in and out without any issues. And while it may be the 8th largest reserve….The way its managed makes it redicuously difficult to have any kind of success there.

    As far as public mining, of anything not just diamonds, goes…its one of my least favorite destinations…but sadly its also the closest to my home :*(

  2. lol the west is like, hey! Africans! You better stay down them mines til you die digging us up diamonds to argue over while choosing engagement rings!

    And the west is also like, hey, let’s go dig diamonds this weekend for a bit of fun. We can do a story for Insta!

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