TIL that the crime that led Sisyphus to push a boulder was cheating death. He made his wife not bury him properly before he died, chained death, and tricked Persephone into letting him briefly return to earth to scold his wife and ran away instead of returning to hell.

Read more: https://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Mortals/Sisyphus/sisyphus.html

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  1. Also, mind you, Sisyphus was not innocent. He raped, killed, and stole on earth and was a brutal tyrant. The first time he died he chained death so no humans could die on earth. The earth was plagued with bodies walking around headless, speared, and entrails hanging out. Aries released death and condemned him to die. Before death, Sisyphus had a plan to cheat dying again.

    He instructed Merope (his wife) to not bury him properly and not place a coin under his tongue so he could be allowed an audience with Persephone to plead to return to earth to receive the correct rites and scold his wife.

    On Earth he escaped and lived to old age, but was dragged to hell by Hermes at the end of his long life, and was punished with pushing a boulder that crushed him as it rolled back down each time.

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