TIL that the Elan “therapeutic” school, infamous for torturing its students who weren’t allowed to contact the outside world, had a form of punishment where well behaved students would beat up poorly behaved ones. One student punished in this way was killed. The school covered it up for years.

Read more: https://www.sunjournal.com/2016/03/13/family-asks-really-happened-phil-elan-school

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  1. Elan is absolutely worth looking into if that title has you interested at all. I do not know why I learned about the Stanford Prison Experiment in every class I took when this is such a more authentic ocean of evidence. It’s fucking terrifying. The treatment the students received is something you’d expect to happen in an internment or prisoner of war camp, treatment you’d want to see charged for crimes against humanity, but this happened on American soil, to teenagers, and was funded by their parents.

    I had never heard of it before watching [this](https://youtu.be/7eM7pb5M5DU) video, the presentation isn’t flawless but I think it’s fair to say where I heard of it, even though that video is already pretty popular. I’ll also say that I’m amazed this school was operating for *decades,* even though the torture went back to the seventies. It’s honestly hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this all happened, and that it happened here. Fucking crazy.

  2. I can’t recommend the webcomic by a guy who attended the “school” back in the 90s called “Joe vs. Elan”. It’s a harrowing look at life inside the school and what he went through to just survive his time there.

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