TIL that the Empire State Building, built in 1930 was designed with the ability for an Airship/Zeppelin to dock at the very top of the skyscraper, overlooking all of NYC.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/air-space-magazine/docking-on-the-empire-state-building-12525534/

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  1. “Dr. Hugo Eckener, the commander of the Graf Zeppelin, reports the New York Times, dismissed the project as impractical, noting that dirigible landings required dozens of ground crew, not to mention plenty of rope.” 

    Nonetheless, in 1931 an airship piloted by Lieutenant William McCraken was successful in docking his zeppelin with the Empire State Building (But only for a few brief minutes). 

    Way to go Hindenburg, thanks for messing up all my dreams of seeing the New York City skies filled with dirigibles.

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