TIL that the evidence that showed the Columbia Space Shuttle was “safe” for re-entry were results using debris 600 times smaller than the one that broke off the Shuttle. This information was “hidden” in plain sight, in a single PowerPoint slide, which may have led to the fatal decision.

Read more: https://mcdreeamiemusings.com/blog/2019/4/13/gsux1h6bnt8lqjd7w2t2mtvfg81uhx

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  1. Is this a re-write of history? Am I remembering wrongly that NASA pretty much knew the shuttle was doomed, but there was virtually no way to attempt a rescue? I mean, I think it would have involved them laying “prone” (as much as one can in space) and controlling breathing for weeks, and then tricky never-done space walks, while having “too few” suits for said space walks, while controlling two shuttles to be close but not touching, and even then the odds were almost nil? Or am I making that up?

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