TIL that the first 3D feature film was a silent drama called “The Power of Love,” released in 1922. Viewers could choose a 2D happy or tragic ending by closing one eye. This historic film and a later 2D version called “Forbidden Lover” are presumed lost.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_of_Love_(film)

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  1. I like the choose-your-own-adventure idea of closing one eye to see a happy or sad ending. I’ll bet people sat there closing one eye and then the other so they could see both endings.

  2. First 3D animated movie was Toy Story. As someone who studied animation, I was almost a little confused.

    How did this film work? With some sort of tint glasses or something? What about it made it appear 3D? And how did closing one eye change the scene you saw? I suppose the change could just have been a last few seconds edit, changing for example if the couple breaks up or not, or die or not etc.

    I’m aware that 3D could mean something a little different compared to what it means today, but thought I’d ask. (Low on cell data so not visiting links or pictures atm, thus I ask).

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