TIL that the first powered airplane flight was not by the Wright Brothers in 1903, but by English aeronautical inventor John Stringfellow, who in 1848 flew for 30 meters in controlled and level powered flight in Somerset. Textbooks are being changed to reflect this new research and give him credit.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stringfellow

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  1. Maybe he did but it was a dead end and nothing became of it. The Wright Brothers made numerous demonstrations of powered flight across the country and the world and popularized the idea of aviation. That is what they accomplished what they are recognized for. Also their plane was manned, Stringfellows was a model and incapable of carrying a person. The image shown in Wikipedia is an “artist’s impression” aka not reality.

  2. It was hardly a controlled flight. It was unmanned and had no ability to steer. Basically Stringfellow just pointed it in a direction and it flew as far as it could on its own before crashing. No nothing but not exactly a earth shattering achievement

  3. This may be true, but his flight led nowhere. It didn’t lead to repeatable flights.

    The Wright Brothers, even if they weren’t the first, directly lead to the repeatable flights we know today.

    Were any of Stringfellow’s flights manned, or were they all unmanned?

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