TIL that the Ghostbusters no-ghost sign is flipped in Europe vs other parts of the world, because the “no” sign is in different directions in different parts of the world

Read more: https://www.creativereview.co.uk/ghostbusters-and-the-no-ghost-logo/

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  1. Excerpt from the article:

    > And there are, in fact, two versions of the Ghostbusters logo, Gross reveals. “The interesting thing is – and it’s hard for people to figure this out – but one of the versions I did had ‘Ghostbusters’ written in the diagonal sign,” he explains. “And it doesn’t read well the way the actual symbol is: so I flipped it so it reads the other way.”
    > Gross explains that this ‘correct’ version of the symbol (ISO 3864-1, signage buffs), with the crossbar running top left to bottom right, was then only used in Europe where the ‘no’ sign was more familiar than in the US. “We took the word ‘Ghostbusters’ off it – and it’s still backwards – so if you ever see it the ‘correct’ way, that’s for European release,” says Gross. “They said, ‘look we can’t run it backwards over here, we’ve been using it for fifty years’. So it’s two ways; if you see it ‘backwards’, it’s US; if you see it the ‘correct’ way it’s European.”

    Here are a bunch of pictures showing the two variants: [https://ghostbusters.fandom.com/wiki/No-Ghost_Sign](https://ghostbusters.fandom.com/wiki/No-Ghost_Sign)

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