TIL that the International Olympic Committee banned South Africa from competing from Tokyo 1964 to Barcelona 1992 due to the South African government’s policy of apartheid.

Read more: https://olympics.com/en/featured-news/why-south-africa-barred-from-the-olympics-apartheid

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  1. Let’s see if the IOC has the guts to enact a similar ban on Xi Jinping ‘s China.

    Full disclosure I lived in China both as a student and working professional. I visited a Muslim town in Yunnan province before Xi was president and while they weren’t allowed to practice faith in the open and couldn’t build new mosques with non Chinese architecture .

    Xi is an ideological fanatic who couldn’t stand to see non han Chinese communities flourish and he just doubled down and criminalized the entire religion . He pushed for separating husband’s from wives, forxed re education, criminalizing beards…etc. and with each consecutive ban he feels more emboldened to micromanage every aspect of every one of his citizen’s private lives .

    This is a bizarre departure of his 3 more laid back predecessors , Deng , Jiang and Hu. It’s gross and shame on the IOC if they look the other way. Btw. Where is Peng Shuai? Her absence speaks volumes.

  2. I remember pretty much all sports federations excluded them. New Zealand did a rugby tour in SA and essentially all of Africa boycotted the Olympics after in protest.

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