TIL that the island council of Mackinac Island in Michigan had to give special permission for the 1980 Christopher Reeve movie ‘Somewhere In Time’ to bring cars on the island as (other than emergency vehicles) cars are prohibited. The cars brought for the production were limited to filming areas.

Read more: https://www.mackinacisland.org/blog/history-of-cars-er-horseless-carriages-on-mackinac-island/

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  1. Mackinac Island is awesome. We used to go every summer when I was a kid. I’d ride around in the back if my mom’s bike until I was old enough to rent my own.

  2. we don’t mess with Mackinac island around here, they like the simple life…the only permanent motor vehicles on the island are search/rescue/emergency…beautiful area tho 👍

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