TIL that the light from the sun reaching us is not mere eight minutes old, but from thousands to several millions of years, because that’s how long it takes the photons to escape the sun

Read more: https://www.gildshire.com/the-sunlight-we-feel-could-be-50-million-years-old/

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  1. Pretty crazy stuff huh?

    Wanna go a level crazier?

    When you stare up into the lovely evening sky. The big yellow ball you see that’s giving us that light? You think you’re seeing the Sun. Right?

    Nah love, that’s just the photons the sun emits. Nobody has ever seen the sun. We just see the effects of it.

    There are quite a few more levels of crazy under that, but it’s TIL. And wavefunction collapse doesn’t play too well here.

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