TIL that the lowest point in Louisiana is found in its largest city, New Orleans, an area that lies at an elevation of 8 feet below sea level. The average elevation of the city lies at 1 to 2 feet below sea level mainly owing to subsidence as much of the city had been constructed on swamp lands.

Read more: https://www.geographyrealm.com/the-lowest-point-in-every-u-s-state/

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  1. I heard once that when New Orleans was almost completely wiped off the map (I think after a hurricane in the 1800s), city developers considered moving New Orleans to higher ground. They ultimately, obviously, decided against it. It’s wild to think how things could’ve been different if they had gone through with the move.

  2. New Orleans is big giant FEMA scam and needs to be abolished.
    I say abolished because slowly moving it up hill to higher ground before the next Big One hits is beyond these lazy peoples’ capability.

  3. I lived there for 4 years. It’s an incredible city for many reasons but at the same time it’s so dysfunctional that it’s not even funny. Even the locals who have generations that lived there agree that it’s a city on the brink of extinction pending another hurricane. I feel like if it didn’t have the culture and architecture and let’s face it, bourbon street, it would’ve been deserted after Katrina. Just my 2 cents

  4. The levee system is also why Louisiana is being erased by the sea and a giant dead (anoxic: no oxygen) zone where the Mississippi is channeled out into the Gulf.

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