TIL that the Michelin star, the ultimate hallmark of culinary excellence, was created by the Michelin tyre company in 1900. The company decided that publishing a ratings guide for hotels and restaurants would compel the limited number of drivers to use up their tyres and buy more.

Read more: https://www.lookers.co.uk/blog/history-of-the-michelin-guide???

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  1. Well, it works. Maybe not the Michelin guide per se (although I’ve used it on occasion), but if Im going to a new city for work or play I absolutely do research beforehand on what famed, cool or interesting restaurants there are.

    The nice thing about the Michelin guide is that if you’re listed in it (or the website), your restaurant is guaranteed not to suck… which is good when you’re only gonna be in town for one night and don’t want to make a bad mistake. _Aztec-Thai-Tapas Fusion!? That sounds interesting – ITS NOT_

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