TIL that the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller and the Atlantic Ocean is getting bigger due to shifting of the Tectonic Plates

Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2014/06/04/4018335.htm?site=science/starstuff&

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  1. Want a mindfuck? Google how the earth will look in a few million years. We go right back to Pangea-times. We think the earth is so stationary then that shit happens and like… mind melt.

  2. What’s the end result? What does this mean?

    Sometime in the future, all the continents will impact with each other in a great slow-motion collision that we have already named Pangaea Proxima. It’ll happen in about 300 million years.

    Our planet has done this before. Seven times, to be precise. Due to how tectonic plates shift and drift over the magma seas, we’ve seen all the continents impact each other and form super-continents seven times before.

    This has happened before. It will happen again.

  3. Mass from the mantle is welling up in the Atlantic, called seafloor spreading, while the Pacific tectonic plate is subducting (moving under) the North American plate. California is eating the the ocean.

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