TIL that the reason Dalmatians have been historically associated with fire-fighting is because in the days of horse drawn carts, Dalmatians worked exceptionally well with horses and would run ahead of the cart to clear pedestrians and guide the firefighters to fires quickly

Read more: https://www.merrimacknh.gov/about-fire-rescue/pages/dalmatians-in-fire-service

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  1. There’s a good moment in the movie “State and Main” about this.

    Joseph Turner White: Ever wonder why the Dalmatian’s the symbol of the firehouse?

    Ann Black: First organized fire department was on the border of Dalmatia and Sardinia in the year 642.

    Joseph Turner White: That’s why the Dalmatian?

    Ann Black: It was either that, or a sardine

  2. I heard on youtube mentalfloss possibly, that fire departments used to rival each other in the early days and the dalmations were used to protect the wagon while dealing with a fire. They also went on to say that some fire departments were accused of paying people to start the fires so they got work. I think the rivalry came because whoever got to the fire first got to put it out and got paid.

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