TIL: That the term “Milquetoast”, meaning a timid person, is often mistakenly spelled as “Milk Toast”. But in a weird twist, the timid cartoon character of Caspar Milquetoast for whom the term is coined, was actually named after milk toast because of it’s blandness! So both terms are correct!

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caspar_Milquetoast

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  1. What’s the term for the people who get pissed off about that stuff? Not really a grammar nazi, but … ?

    Anyway… I wonder how those people feel right now? lol

    Edit: Pedant!

  2. Yes, milk toast was for when you were sick, but I maybe had it once ( and my folks were old)

    Seems like cinnamon-toast was something I never made for myself, but mom used to make

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