TIL that the title “Triple Ace in a Day” refers to pilots who shot down 15 enemy aircraft in a single day. There have only been 5 such pilots, all of whom flew for the German Luftwaffe in WWII.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aviators_who_became_ace_in_a_day

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  1. A lot of the top aces of WWII were Germans on the eastern front. The Soviets used a lot of fighter-bombers with quickly trained pilots who basically had no idea what to do if they were shot at. Easy pickings.

  2. Must have been really hard to kill a bunch of starving Russians with no training. Such skill!

    It’s weird that all your posts are TIL and YSK and yet you seem to not know jack shit about anything.

  3. This has taken on a new meaning today. It’s a title given to someone who has 15 faps in a day. Anyone who gets past the ‘7 wank wall barrier’, a barrier where people foam at the mouth and have hallucinations after the 7th ejaculation of the day will find it easier to then go in to get 15 in a day if they get past it.

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