TIL that the US has an americanized version of the Hungarian Goulash which except for the beef and paprika is completely different.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_goulash

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  1. Well, they both contain tomatoes, onions, and beef…

    American: lots of macaroni, thick like a stew.


    Hungarian gulyás: soup with broth containing carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and caraway seed.


    American “goulash” is aka American Chop Suey – itself an oddity as there is no Chinese dish called chop suey to begin with.

  2. Interesting. I didn’t even know that goulash was a defined dish. That’s what my mom used to call meals where she threw everything in the refrigerator into a pot.

  3. I’ve always referred to it as American Goulash, but for a while now I’ve been wondering if I somehow made up the term because everyone I know calls it American Chop Suey. Which is even more inauthentic honestly

  4. Hmm I didn’t know it had a name truthfully, I’ll usually throw a pot together during the winter when I’m snowplowing and leave it on low all day . I use worsteshire and beef stock , it’s more like a soup , doesn’t look so thick.

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