TIL that there are 7 elements on the Periodic Table with unique origins for their names. Some include Na (Sodium) which comes from the Egyptian word for the salt placed in mummies and used as disinfectant called Natron, and Hg (Mercury) from the Greek word hydrargyros which means Shiny Silver

Read more: https://www.loc.gov/everyday-mysteries/chemistry/item/chemical-elements/

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  1. Correction: *11 elements. The others are:

    W (Tungsten): From the German Wolfram for the ore it was found in

    K (Potassium): From Arabic al-qalyah for Plant Ash

    Fe (Iron): From the Latin Ferrum for Iron

    Cu (Copper): From the Latin Cuprum referring to Cyprus where it was found in Ancient Greece

    Ag (Silver): From the Latin argentums which means shiny

    Sn (Tin): From the Latin Stannum originally called ‘White Lead’

    Sb (Antimony)-From the Latin Stibbium from Stibnite used to paint people’s faces in ancient Egypt and Greece

    Au (Gold): From the Latin Aurum meaning shining dawn

    Pb (Lead): From the latin Plumbum for Lead

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