TIL that there is still a legally prescribed version of meth called Desoxyn for children with ADHD or short-term weight loss

Read more: https://www.rxlist.com/desoxyn-drug.htm

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  1. Adderall, Ritalin, and dozens of others are all amphetamines that are super similar in how they work to meth- just the dosage is not as heavy as the street drug. I can’t touch any of that shit it just makes me feel like I can’t keep everything going at once and have to do one thing at a time start to finish. Also can’t afford to lose sleep.

  2. Thy have better types than that now. I have methylphenidate. It is a slow release designed for 12 or 16 hour effectiveness. Less side effects with the slow release, because a lower dose is needed.

  3. In the 70s we were hyperactive and they gave us speed. I went from a skinny kid to a fat kid when I went off it. I could buy purple hearts at school or get pink hearts from the Dr. It may have been the other way around.

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