TIL that Whoopi Goldberg has a fear of flying and only travels by tour bus because she witnessed a mid-air plane collision take place in San Diego back in 1978. This famous plane crash is known as PSA-182.

Read more: https://people.com/celebrity/fear-of-flying-these-celebs-battle-with-aerophobia/#:~:text=Whoopi%20Goldberg,Diego%20about%2030%20years%20earlier

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  1. Whoopi Goldberg states that she travels back and forth from New York to Los Angeles via private bus. With two drivers, she is able to arrive on the other coast in 23 hour

    She said her fear was instilled when she witnessed a mid-air collision while standing on a balcony in San Diego. This crash is known as PSA-182, which occurred on September 25, 1978 and killed 135 people on board and 9 on the ground when a Cessna crashed into the wing of a Boeing 727 plane, sending both planes hurling towards the ground.

    PSA 182 Flight Pictures





  2. Though she said she was getting on airplanes again at the time of the interview, the comedian admitted she still felt hesitant.

    “Some people are meant to fly. And I don’t know if I was meant to fly, but I do it now.”

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