TIL That William Bligh, after the mutiny on HMS Bounty, was not only cleared of any wrongdoing but promoted going on to several other commands including governorship of New South Wales. Ironically he was also the target of at least two other mutinies in his later life.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Bligh

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  1. First mutiny:
    Mission: bring breadfruit from South Pacific to Jamaica to feed slaves something cheap.
    Cause of mutiny: refusing seamen onboard fresh water because it was needed to water the tiny breadfruit trees.

    He’s a total dick. Why else would he make it to commander of the British Empire?

  2. For those who don’t know, Mutiny on the Bounty is actually the first in a trilogy. Second book is Men Against the Sea, which is the amazing story of Bligh’s journey in a small open boat following the mutiny and the third is Pitcairn’s Island, which details the lives of the mutineers in the years after the incident.

    I think all of the books are terrific and I highly recommend them. Happy reading!

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