TIL that Xanadu is an alternative name for Shangdu, the summer capital of Kublai khan and the yuan dynasty in general. The name Xanadu itself and its meaning as a metaphor for a place of opulence was popularized by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his poem about Kublai khan.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shangdu

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  1. In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure dome decree where Alph the sacred river…

    Amazing poem. Still remember it from almost 49 years ago when it was taught to me in School. Thanks!

  2. Held within the pleasure dome,
    Decreed by Kubla Khan,
    To taste my bitter triumph,
    As a man, immortal man,
    Never more shall I return,
    Escape these caves of ice,
    For I have dined on honey dew,
    And drunk the milk of paradise, whoa, paradise! 🤘🔥

  3. [https://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/8650-Create-A-Servant-3?p=3199331&viewfull=1#post3199331](https://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/8650-Create-A-Servant-3?p=3199331&viewfull=1#post3199331)

    I unironically first heard the word Xanadu from an Hiroyuki Sawano song for some mecha anime i was watching and first learned about the Kublai khan connection after some British bisexual(?) I am friends with depicted Kublai khan as a dark skinned, white haired anime girl. I am not making any of this up.

    (click the card on the link by the way)

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