TIL that yellow watermelon exists!

Read more: https://www.tastingtable.com/755317/what-is-a-yellow-watermelon-and-where-can-you-buy-one/#:~:text=Botanically%2C%20yellow%20watermelons%20are%20known,and%20squashes%20(via%20Britannica)

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  1. I’d ordered some fruit cups from a juice place nearby and when they arrived I noticed a ‘new fruit’ that I’d never seen. It was yellow, but it looked exactly like watermelon and when I tasted it it tasted just like it and had the exact same texture too. That led to a quick Google and yep, yellow watermelons exist!

  2. I work at a grocery store and regularly get asked if our watermelons are red or yellow. When I first started I assumed it was a language thing since we cater to a large spanish-speaking demographic.

  3. I loved yellow and orange meat watermelon when I was a kid. I came across purple or grape flavored but didn’t get a chance to try it.

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