TIL that you can buy a room on a cruise ship and live on it. You pay a yearly fee and all amenities are provided like normal cruise ships.

Read more: https://cruisefever.net/worlds-first-affordable-cruise-ship-can-live-cabins-condos-start-255000/

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  1. There was a story years ago about an old lady who did this. She had her room, she had maid service, all of her food provided, and… THERE’S A DOCTOR 24/7! She said it was cheaper than a nursing home.

    (Also, I believe she was on the QE2. I’m assuming that’s not too shabby)

  2. They also book private rooms for guest travelers on some freighters and oil tankers. The buffet and entertainment are nowhere near as grand, but one can ride through the Suez or Panama canals and see the world.

  3. Years ago, I talked with a guy at the roulette table that lived on the cruise ship for the last few months. Mr Lee lost around $8k over the weekend that talked with him. He seemed to like living on the boat.

  4. The yearly service charge for the cheapest cabin, based on two persons sharing is $114,480, that’s astronomical. I don’t get why it’s so expensive if housekeeping etc us included in the cost, surely it doesn’t cost almost $10,000 a month to maintain an internal cabin

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