TIL the Barton Aqueduct, which carries the Bridgewater canal over the river Irwell in England, was demonstrated to Parliament using a model made from Cheshire cheese.

Read more: https://bridgewatercanalguidedtours.com/about/bridgewater-canal-timeline/

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  1. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barton_Aqueduct](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barton_Aqueduct)


    from wiki…

    Later, when asked to produce a drawing of the bridge or aqueduct he proposed to build, he replied that he had no representation of it on paper but would demonstrate his intention by use of a model. He then went out and bought a large round of Cheshire cheese, which he divided into two equal halves saying “Here is my model”. Then, to the amusement of the committee, he used the two halves of cheese to represent the semi-circular arches and laid a long, rectangular object over the top to demonstrate the position of the river flowing under the aqueduct and the canal flowing over it.

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