TIL the city of Hammond, IN built a wall across its border with Gary, IN in 1981. Local leaders blamed flooding issues for necessitating the wall between the two cities. In 2006, they constructed a curb to restrict vehicle access to neighboring Calumet City, IL.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammond_Indiana_Barrier

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  1. I fucking hate that wall. There’s like 2 through streets near where I live and if you suck at navigating (like me) and turn down a wrong street, you end up having to follow the one way street next to the wall to the next opening or turn around and make your way to the other one.

  2. Lived in the area of that hellhole back then. Don’t blame them. Shocked I made it out alive. The PTSD took decades to get over. Cal City on one side. Gary on the other. Hammond and East Chicago smashed in between.

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